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We love numbers.
We are number crunchers.

Finive is a team of number crunchers who love and obsess over cash flow to help visionary business leaders fund their win.

Ask Amos is where business leaders get to work on Cash Flow.

Amos Is Built by Finive to Help You Achieve Your Win

We are what we believe. We founded and built an entire company on this idea. We believe in winning. We are obsessed with winning. We are obsessed with cash flow. And we believe we are helping great firms, and the visionary entrepreneurs that lead them, win. We believe we are improving the world by building winners.

We believe that success in life and success in business are not separate things, but intertwined as part of our lives. It is important to us that we create tools to allow our clients to achieve success in life and business.  We believe this is the win we are all after.

Craftsmen only work with great tools.

Amos was born out of frustration. As startup founders and business leaders, we know that many businesses suffer from a lack of resources to strategically plan and manage cash flow – in order to grow.

CFOs and accounting firms can be expensive and often out of reach for many small businesses beyond specific roles of taxes and bookkeeping.

Amos is a realization that affordable tools are needed by these craftsmen to strategically plan cash flow and grow fantastic businesses.

Gregory Brickner, Co-Founder