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Amos Ilgenfritz

and the

Ebb & Flow

Unlock the Power of Cash Flow to Build an Exceptional Business


The story of Amos Ilgenfritz and his business is an explanation of cash flow for business leaders to make better decisions that impact cash.

What is the most crucial element in business? Most people think of things like sales or profits.  The reality is a company can be profitable and also forced to close their doors.  Heard the saying “cash is king”?  It is more than a management cliche since cash flow is what drives a business.  Some entrepreneurs have built huge enterprises without cash flow, but they had access to capital…. this is still cash!  For any business to count on financing or capital infusions to stay in business is a dangerous game.

Plain and simple, do not run out of cash. In business, you can run out of just about everything; you can take backorders, crash your website, have the worst day possible, and still recover. Running out of cash is the one thing you can not do under any circumstances. The minute you do, your business is dead.

The book includes 115 ideas to improve cash flow.


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The Financial Statements

of Ilgenfritz Robotics Corp.

Click the download button below to save the financial statements of Ilgenfritz Robotics Corp. These are the financial statements used by Amos Ilgenfritz as he works to solve the cash flow crisis he is having.

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About the Author

Gregory Brickner

Gregory Brickner is a CFO that is passionate about cash flow. He is known for a unique perspective to problem-solving augmented by strong technical skills, to bring growth to a variety of businesses within the healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing sectors.

His work experience focuses on figuring out complicated performance issues for organizations challenged to find a higher tier of growth. As a CFO, Gregory believes in the necessity and growth of free cash flow above all else. Most often, this work has been for firms on Main Street as well as business units within big corporations. Both can have similar resource constraints and market issues. Gregory tends to like Main Street better. In all cases, he pushes to get things done FAST, and when you need six signatures to buy coffee, he will go nuts.

Gregory lives with his wife and children in beautiful South Dakota.

About the Author